Master Masked Man

aka Claus, クラウス, 2D

  • I live in Tanetane Island
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is being deep
  • I am claz, noh relly i aym
  • Master Masked Man


    July 15, 2014 by Master Masked Man

    Roadhawk banned me for three days because I made a simple joke. I wasn't spamming. He blocked me from [1]doing ANYTHING. The only thing I can do is look. This reminds me of the Anakin incident. I'm just... Hated. Nobody even remembers me or agknowlages my existance! It's like I'm invisible... Roadhawk hates me as well, I think. He never even noticed me. The only thing he ever did to me is kick me all of the time. Just... Get rid of me. I don't care what happens. Ban me from this site if you really want to. I'm just going to try to stop... This is over. I give up. It all started when I was deadmined because of Anakin. Since then, my happy times have vanished. Everything I once did is now done better.

    FlamingFirehound is the chat comic relief…

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  • Master Masked Man

    So, yeah, I want to make pages for the Masked Man and the Ultimate Chimera (I have a headcanon the UC obeys the MM :U), so are crossovers okay?

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