Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart

all the kits try to scram.

Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart to he it's part of the fun.

Ni-i-ghtheart,.Ni-i-ghtheart,  covered in darkness with fur and hair. 

.Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart,  you most certainly will hide. 

.Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart, the longest tongues are for eating

.Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart,  his evil red eyes are the expression

.  .Ni-i-ghtheart. Ni-i-ghtheart,  he won't let you say goodnight

. .Ni-i-ghtheart. Ni-i-ghtheart, you most certainly will HIDE. 

You most certainly will hide,

you most certainly will hide.You most certainly will most certainly will HIDE! 

.Ni-i-ghtheart. Ni-i-ghtheart,  sometimes echoes a tiny whisper. .Ni-i-ghtheart, .Ni-i-ghtheart,

he will climb'round your room

.  Ni-i-ghtheart, Ni-i-ghtheart, blends in well within the trees in the den he's hard to see. 

.Ni-i-ghtheart,. Ni-i-ghtheart, covered in darkness with fur and hair....

now you most certainly will now...HIDE!!!!!!! 

Goodnight kits.Message from Nightwing.

I hope you survive the night.



Nightheart is wondering if you are lost.