Codywife1's roleplay Wiki

Rule no.1 Do not eat gulauge! If you do you, will need someone to fetch the Juice of the Blue Dust Flower and they have to get it before sundown or else you will die!

Rule no.2 Do not disturb The great phoenix or Lunifer!

Rule no.3 Permisson first! When u start coming here always read the rules!

Rule no.4 Stay cool and don't eat your school! Do not spam, bully, curse, or do anything mean and violent.

Rule no.5 Be nice! We don't want thugs and bullies here in the wiki!

Rule no.6 Remember to pay money! When you start you will have 0 money and to do more Just add more pages and give a tour and do quests and jobs.

Rule no.7 Have fun! Just remember to read these here rules and use your knowledge!

Rule no.8 Do not be more powerful than Lunifer or Nightwing or.... Phoenix. Because if you want to or are already.

Well ask Nightwing then, he is the PERMISSION slip.

(Le end)

Ok so here it is.

The rules of the wiki, and yes its tiny, but always follow them while exploring.

Because when you have a new rule. You have either choice.

1. Pm me it or send a message of it to me.

2. Keep it to your self and think about it.

So ya thats the rules.

Sweet smiles! =)