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I never Saw it coming.........

The Door Slammed shut As i Grabbed hold of Scartail By His paw and We both Didn't make A Sound.

"Whats that noise?" Scartail Whispered into My ear Quietly like a mouse.

"I Don't know.... I hope it won't hurt us..."

Then suddenly It came out Of the Door and into The cave.

"I See You guys..." The voice Spoken.

Then The Lights came back on.

And we Figured out It was Dropmoss Who had Done it.

"Now Hurry Don't be Late!"

Me and Scartail Stood up and Came Downstairs With Dropmoss.

"Whats going On?" I Said As We all Came into The Secret Place Dropmoss Found In the Old cave.

"Oh, You will see...." Dropmoss Said with a Delightful Grin on her Face.

As she Opened The Satin Curtains, We Found Starflight In Bed Silently Asleep.

"Be Quiet Now you Two..." Dropmoss Pushed Her Silver Claws on Our Lips.

"Naah... I Want to Hurry up!!!!!" Scartail Shouted As He ignored Dropmoss's Rule.

"Thanks Alot, Scartail, Or should I Say Scarkit!" I laughed When Dropmoss Rolled her eyes.

"Huh? Whats going on..." Starflight Suddenly Woke up With a Croaky Voice.

"Hey Starflight Whats Shakin'" I Said With a Cool Attitude.

"Oh Hi Guys!"

"Starflight Show them The gift..." Dropmoss Told Starflight.

"Oh yes! Thank you For reminding me!"

"Now close your Eyes you too! And for You Scartail.... Mark my words... NO PEEKING!"

We both Closed our eyes, After A Few Seconds We opened our eyes.



Me and Scartail were In Shock (But in a happy way)

In Our eyes We Saw A Beautiful Newborn Kitten.

"Her name Is Amberkit, But In Human I found out...

It means Clara," Whispered Starflight With A Calm, Relaxed Voice.

"Oh.. She Wonderful... I love Her so Much..."

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   TO BE CONTINUED!

I will Make The Story in a month Or so though..

Btw For Ppl Asking...

Who da Heck In da World Is Amberkit!

Well My Subjects..

This is Amberkit