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These pets are only brought after you join Nightwing's Battle Stadium. The pets down below here are all for 10 Gold.[]


The Firefox is a common pet with fire element lovers. They live in the hot climates of Sunshade Meadows where there are lots of trees to stay under all day long.

Firefox Colors.

You must wear nothing made of water or have anything from liquid base on you

Firefox Pet.

to pick the Firefox up. It can come In 3 colors including Dark Purple. Its distant relative is the fox.


Colmou is an ice mouse that lives in the coldest glaciers of the Northern Mountains and snow shelters where it can keep its fur and tail nice and warm.

Sometimes this little furry friend also likes to be in groups, so give it a few friends like its own kind so it can play and hug with it.

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Colmou Pet.