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Mythicalstar is a wolf and lives in the Fresh Forest. Her friends are Lunifer and Codywife1. She usually loves to play in her den. She is immortal and can stay young.


Mythicalstar has yellow fur with a pink star on one of her cheeks. Her age is unknown and she is in the teenager stage. At night, she goes out to howl at the moon. At noon, she goes to the Fresh Forest Meadow.


Mythical star is really peaceful and nice with anyone who do no harm to her. She is fond with gods and the animals. When she encounters an enemy, she grows furious and attacks. After attacking, she turns back to normal.


  • Star dust: she can make star dust and use them to make the night friendly.
  • Powerful howl: when she attacks, she can howl really loud and that howl can create a tornado.
  • Flying: she can fly. Period
  • Connection with wolves: duh, she loves wolves


  • She can have bad luck sometimes such as losing a race.