Moonbloods are mystical animals.


Moonbloods are born in clear light of the moon on a leap year. As kits, they rarely mew-cry or sleep. They usually can tell what their Mother or Father is thinking. As apprentices, their fur starts to stand out and they sleep even less than as kits. They start to get drifts of thoughts, resulting in being able to read minds. As Warriors, they can summon forcefields, spurts of sparks, and different powers depending on the parents and their nature. After using magic, though, they must sleep.


Moonbloods have glowing eyes, even from kit hood. The color of their eyes match the color of their fluorescent fur. As warriors, patterns of bright fur start to become visible. These glow when the animal uses magic.


  • Do not anger a Moonblood, because they could get you as a Sunblood
  • If Moonbloods or Sunbloods over use their magic, like moving a mountain, they truly die