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Lunifer is one of the few humans who are still alive, and a moon devil/god/master/king/keeper/IDUNNO. Can still die like a normal human being though. Currently does not have a home, often travelling but most of the time settles around the Fresh Forest and other common places. (imagined as if in an anime)


Lunifer is a orange haired boy who's age is unknown, although it is most likely 10-13. The usual outfit is an orange shirt with a black cresent moon on the front, a dark blue hoodie, and then long yoga pants of black or grey. The bangs of his hair are very long, to hide a black cresent moon on the forehead, a reminder of the moon. His eyes are dark blue. When travelling, he will usually carry a backpack with things, such a sleeping bag, food, and more things.


Lunifer is very proud, and also very interactive with animals. Sometimes a bit braggy when it comes to him raising the moon with his mind. Also terrible at math. Lunifer is also very good at sports, skills, and games. The champion. Also loves milk and cows.


  • Moon Boomerang: Can make moon boomerangs appear and throw them.
  • Raising the moon: duh
  • Connection with animals: Read the left.
  • Moon Staff: He curls his hands, moves it down, and wola! Ya got a blue long staff with a white glowing cresent moon of top. Can shoot out white and black beams.
  • Summoning cows: Yes, cows are beautiful. And they can trample your face.


  • Can get sick easily (colds, fever ect.)
  • Has epic good and horrible bad luck, affecting him and peeps around him. Depends on the day which luck is which.


  • loves milk
  • quite a lady's man
  • popular with girls sometimes
  • loves teacups