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Welcome to the Lost world!

This is a lost world where humans are nearly gone, but only a few are left and you search for special stuff and make friends... so all you have to do is roleplay! You can make your own special character of some sort, and then fulfil quests, search for weapons, fight danger, make new friends and more!

But there is one thing that everyone has to do... and that is to learn how to survive!

You can start with making a unique, special character. And then, why not roleplay in one of the places such as the Fresh Forest or Abandoned Town?

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Latest Jobs/quests!

1. Fly or walk To Nightwing's Cave and Tell Them to Mentor you.

Forest of dawn At night (Where i live)

Weekly News!

Calling all Animals! Calling all Animals!

Today We Just Found an Old Tape In The Bin.

And So We Played it.

Suddenly We all Knew we just got The Old Trailer for a New Game!

Here it is!

Lost World Trailer Part 1.

Coming Soon to a Clan near you!

Pet Kaikoes.

Pet Kaikoes.]

They are pet fish ok then.

Facebook and Twitter calls.

Nightwing and Lunifer (The 2 powerful/Night and Day)

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