Fresh Forest is a large forest and like the name suggests, is very green, bright, fresh with all kinds of plants and live with very many animals! The balance of nature here is very good, and all is well. But, there are many strange things happening ever since last year... Animals are disappearing, plants are dying, and worst of all, the forest is shrinking for no explained reason. Even so, the forest is a very nice and beautiful place to hang out, and even live in. Many flowers can be picked, many fruits eaten, many animals hunted or tamed, so the forest is good for now. Still, most try to find out what is happening. There is a meadow located here, the Fresh Forest Meadow.

The Legendary Glowing Path[edit | edit source]

Some say and even claim to have seen a path of glowing mushrooms. Acording to these stories, if you travel far enough into the forest without getting lost, you may find a beautiful path of mushrooms glowing a bright, sky blue.

Fresh forest

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