Endersion's are grey cat like creatures with wings, but is only able to fly up to 6 ft high. They are tamed and used for pets, hunters, or builders. But, after they have cubs, they need to be executed or they will turn hostile and overprotected of their child and try to destroy their owner's home and try to kill them. 1.5 ft tall. Weigh 12 pounds.

Behavior Edit

When they see prey, they will try to kill it by flying up into a tree and pouncing on them from above, crushing it to death. If threatened by a human or another creature, they will bite, kick, scratch, hit, or poision them. They will either eat them or leave their bodies to rot.

Eating habits Edit

Endersions eat things like mice, rats, bugs, birds, and will eat humans.

Endersions will also eat fruit and nuts to escape starvation, even though they usually eat meat.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, Endersion's will live in snow biomes, even though their fur cant adapt to cold tempatures. It is unknown why.
  • Legend says that the Endersions were created by a ancient unknown god. They were said to been made to clean most the guluage from the lands during an unknown event called The Guluage Spill, but they became currupted from the evil god and started forcing the creatures to eat guluage, killing them.
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