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Nightwing and his friends


"I... I can't do this... its too hard for little animal like me..."

Nightwing (Codywife1) is a shy and friendly black kitten with mysterious powers like

Changing into animals extinct and mythical and real, Whenever eyes shine that means he is about to make a lazer that can cut through anything even steel and the most mysterious power of all... never to die...

Nightwing as a young kitten[]

i was really shy as a young kitten but thats when i looked like this.....

But suddenly after my fight with a whole dog pack

(i won! yay for me!)

I found out I was born a Shapeshifter

I felt different and thats how i got my powers...

But from that day on...

I knew i should never tell anyone

But right about now....

~Nightwing The shapeshifting animal


★As a young kitten Nightwing was weak but now he is really strong within his powers.

★Whenever he goes up to cleopatra sometimes he turns friendly and then kills her in her sleep

which is pretty evil but thats why most of the animals don't trust him.