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• 5/28/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 8/12/2014

User Page Music

Ok, since I am the founder and ruler of this wiki (I am 2nd place beside Lunifer C: YAY!!!!)
I will start a new topic called Requests.
And sooo.... Here on this page you can request me for user page music and I'll put them on...
But WAIT! there is more! Before you request me for the music.
You have to do what this video tells you.
Or follow these steps.
1: Copy the Video URL and paste it into the box on here Click me!!!
2: Click download and then waaaait...
3: Go to the video for the next step. (------------------------------------>
4: Click browse on this website CLICCCCCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
5: Go to the Video for the next step AGAIN.

6: And soooo... ya... then send me the link below of the thing and ya.... How to put music on your user page BY SPECKLES-0
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• 7/30/2014

User rights

I am taking away most of the user rights for users who I need to see work/roleplay/do stuff.
Sorry if it gets crazy, also I will delete comments if they are like "STOP IT!!!!!! GIVE MEH MAH RIGHTS BACK YOU IDOT!"
Because guess what, I am the founder here.
And I can take away EVERY right if I wanted too.
So yeah, hope you agree!
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• 7/22/2014

Ideas for new Nightwing transformations.

Ok, here I am talking about Nightwing's transformations.
He has a lot, and they also count mythical creatures like Dragons, Phoenixes and etc etc....
But really. I need a new one.
So if you have a idea, you don't need to be shy.
All you need to say is that simple idea.
And thats it.

So yeah. Ideas for new Nightwing transformations.
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• 7/14/2014

Ask a question and respond with one!

Ok, you may or may not of heard of this game. Its easy.
Person 1: Am i right?
Person 2: What if you were wrong?
You can also answer with How about -insert thing-?
Lets start
Do you want to eat a cookie?
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• 7/13/2014

Introducing CODYKITTY1!

Codykitty1 AKA Speckles  is my pet kitten on this wiki.
They are nice and will help lick up the mess on wiki pages and will sometimes join the fun on the wiki chat.
So whenever you see Speckles, try and give a mrew cause...
they are still a kitten.
Now good bye fellow friends! :D
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• 7/7/2014

All our characters in this wiki. + Character RULES!

Does everyone here have a roleplay character or a character?
I do.
Of course (Its Nightwing >_>)
But we are really here today to discuss about the character rules.
And so... here they are!
1: You can only have 2 character alts on this wiki, unless its important to your character or.... for fighting against.
So when you want a new character to come to this wiki, you ask a admin or me.
2: Use your pets (See more info here about Pet's go here Pets.) for use of your character, and make sure your pet has a Element like Water, Ice, Fire... etc.
3: Do not attack other players unless they want to fight or they are breaking a rule.
4: Do not make your character more powerful than Nightwing or Lunifer or else you will be banned for 1 week.
5: When coming up with new character ideas, message me or Luni.
If we accept it then we will let it out. If we don't accept, then we won't use that idea.
Ok, so thats it.
But I will make more rules and ideas soon.
By the way.
Tell us about your character in the comments so we can check if its safe.

(Don't do The Evil Butterfly ;_;) Character chat room.
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• 7/6/2014

Read me.

Hello there people of the world!
Of course you know me.
I am Cody, the true founder of this wiki as it says in the title.
But let me tell you something.
There is not that much contributing, and I MEAN contributing.
How we can get more views on this wiki, IS BY CONTRIBUTING!
(Btw this is my first highlight thread, so yeah.. DEAL WITH IT...)
So please follow the rules, make more pages, train at the stadium and make yourself at home!
But still.
Contribute on this wiki.
If there is any questions about this thread, please go to my message wall and tell me or you can
say what you think in the comments.
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